Chris Grindz (@ChrisGrindz)& A Game (@IAMAGAME1) open for Lil Uzi Vert At the Pagent

14925368_10208113671662112_1708958380083913174_nMany rappers were angry that Lil Uzi was performing in St. Louis last night (Nov.3rd). Many artist were upset they could perform, & many artist were angry because they felt that they don’t get the respect or support they are suppose to get from the potential fan base in their city. There’s no point to this paragraph, just giving facts.

Hip Hop artist A Game & Chris Grindz were given an well deserved opportunity to open for Lil Uzi Vert at the Pagent to a sold out crowd. Power move for both artist who have recently dropped solid projects. Chris Grindz released the “Danger Room Ep” less then a week before hearing the dope news check it out here, & A Game (seen to the right) just released the video to his single “I Can’t Tell”, on his upcoming & I’m sure more anticipated project “My City Made Me A Monster” coming soon. Salute to both guys, they have their cities talking. Check out brief footage from the show below.


Mr.Midwest (@MwMCeo1000) “MoneMaking Mitch) Official Video & Review

“Money Making Mitch” is the latest  effort from Danville rapper, “Mr.Midwest” shot at a local corner store, & a barn is not what I expected to visualize from Mr.Money Making  Mitch, the verses where mostly on topic, the hook was simple & repetitive, but not catchy, could have been the beat that wasn’t whack, but didn’t fit the concept of the song. If this is Mr.Midwest single he should probably head back to the drawing board, he’not whack just needs some direction. Find out how to get your video reviewed today, tweet @shomehiphop.

Jb (@JBstl314) The 1st Face of @ShoMeHipHop (Bio & Music)

shomehiphopJ.B. was born on June 13, 1984 in St. Louis, MO. He started rapping at the age of 16 throughout my high school years and continued to do so until this present day. At first rapping was just a free time hobby, until he and others saw his true talent.

As a child growing up, he encountered everyday problems, but that wouldnt stop him from making my way to the top by doing what he does best, rapping. He took problems from his childhood and adulthood and used it to express his feelings through my music.

In late 2010, he decided to invest his own money into creating a studio, so he would be able to make it one step closer to his dream. After finally putting a cd together, he decided to showcase his talent wherever he possibly could. He started off at Klub Klymaxx on Thursdays with J Howes and later discovered Bikers Corner with Rodney Norman where he eventually developed a crowd who loved my music.


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